Delayed financing lets you buy a home with cash and then finance the property to recoup up to 100% of the purchase costs.

What Is Delayed Financing?

Delayed financing allows homebuyers to purchase a property with cash and then obtain a cash-out refinance mortgage to recoup all, or most, of the money used for the purchase. This…

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Discover how homeownership can be a hedge against inflation

Is Homeownership a Hedge Against Inflation?

Prices for goods and services in a market economy are subject to change. So, as prices rise, your purchasing power decreases because of inflation. Inflation, however, isn’t necessarily harmful in…

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There are many reasons to never forgo a home inspection

Why You Should Never Forgo the Home Inspection

Buying a home is a very competitive process, sometimes resulting in making offers and waiving the home inspection contingency. However, homebuyers can reserve the right to conduct an inspection to…

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Mistakes to Avoid When Downsizing Your Home for Retirement

Common Mistakes When Downsizing Your Home for Retirement

  There comes a time when downsizing your home makes sense. It could be having the kids embark on a life of their own, or you may now be debt-free.…

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Discover how house hacking can be one way to start investing in real estate.

House Hacking: One Way to Start Investing in Real Estate

The real estate industry has enjoyed constant growth over the past few decades. According to Statista, its total revenue could reach well over $14 billion by 2030. It’s a 4.8%…

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A virtual tour can help you sell your home faster.

Sell Your Home Faster with a Virtual Tour

Selling a home could come with some challenges, especially in today’s technologically forward environment. Homebuyers are from a younger generation who have come to expect everything to be online and…

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Discover the differences between an HOA and a POA

What Is the Difference Between an HOA and a POA?

If you’ve searched for homes or other real estate properties, you’ve probably heard about a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) and Property Owner’s Association (POA). There are over 350,000 HOAs in the…

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Discover how to avoid common problems when closing on a new home

Problems to Avoid When Closing on a New Home

Purchasing a new home can be daunting, especially for first-time homebuyers. But, perhaps the most intimidating and time-consuming stage is the home-closing process. Depending on demand, market conditions, and the…

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Understanding the escrow account for a mortgage

What Is a Mortgage Escrow Account?

A mortgage escrow account is one of the terms you’ll likely come across in your home purchase process. Moreover, a mortgage escrow account comes into play after you’ve bought the…

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A profitable real estate investing strategy can be BRRRR

BRRRR: A Method to Build a Profitable Real Estate Portfolio

There are plenty of benefits to investing in real estate. Owning land, houses, and other properties offer excellent returns, tax benefits, and long-term appreciation. It’s also helpful to diversify an…

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